Welcome to the Alternative Open Source Firmware WikiEdit

This wiki is meant to be a kind of directory for all kinds of alternative open source firmware for mobile and embedded devices.


Nowadays, advanced mobile and embedded electronic devices like cell phones, network routers or tv set-top boxes are basically small computers. These "computers" run a special kind of specialized basic software, which is mostly stored in flash memory to fulfill certain kinds of jobs like phoning or recording video clips.

For several years, computer and electronic geeks have started to replace the manufacturer's original firmware by self written code on several kinds of devices. This alternative firmwares often enable additional useful functions the devices haven't been capable of before. In most cases, these alternative firmwares are published as open source software, so everyone can help to improve the functionality and stability of the software and make the device more useful.

This wiki is meant as an information platform about alternative and open source firmwares. Potential buyers and developers can use this wiki to inform themselves about devices and projects.

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